How confident are you in your finances today?

What if your business grew significantly?

Do you feel good about what tax season might look like?

The reality is that too many business owners aren’t confident 

with where their finances are

and they aren’t sure how to change their mindset…or behavior.

You already know that Profit First is a great resource

to help change your behavior and make sure

you’re building profit and paying yourself a living wage.

But none of us is a stranger to change.

And when business grows or contracts, Profit First allocations must change too.
Would you know what to do?
If you're stressed out and burned out, you're not giving your best to your clients.
And they won't see the results you know you can deliver for them.
Changing up Profit First allocations isn’t a guessing game.
And it doesn’t mean going back to the drawing board.
Or doing loads of math.

If you have the right tool, that is.
The Keep More Money Dashboard is that tool.

We’ve been using the Keep More Money Dashboard with our 1:1 clients for years.

Having them track their allocations each month in the dashboard has helped save so much time and frustration for them.

There’s no more…
…mental work and guessing what their allocations should be
…digging for the calculator to figure out what this month’s allocations are
…wondering if you’re on the right track
The Keep More Money Dashboard will tell you all of the above!

“I wish I had started this system years ago. Shannon and her team have perfected a step-by-step implementation plan for the Profit First System that guides into weekly, monthly, and quarterly actions that will create a business that will have healthy profits and also reward you as the owner. I specifically really enjoy the allocation tracker they’ve created. I look forward to plugging my balance into the tracker and making the transfers. It’s very easy to use, and also creates a great trail that you can look back on and be proud of your financial progress. I have enjoyed the coaching and have learned a TON.”

 - Greg McCoy, Hidden Gym, Coaching Client

Looking at your bank accounts each month, it might not always feel like you’re making progress.

That’s because, especially when you’re new to Profit First or you’re going through a difficult season, you might find yourself “borrowing” from one account to fund another.

The Keep More Money Dashboard will show you exactly what kind of progress you’ve made.

Simply plug in your allocation percentages, use the pre-filled calculations, and make your transfers in your bank. The dashboard tells you exactly what belongs in each account.

As time goes on and you continue using the dashboard, it will show you: 

>> What adjustments you need to make to your allocations

>> Where your money is actually going and what you’re doing with your revenue

>> How much you’ve actually allocated to the accounts over time

The Keep More Money Dashboard is literally THE missing piece to the Profit First system.

The Profit First book is loaded with so much valuable information on how to implement the system right. But it doesn’t tell you how to adjust those allocations.

One of the most important parts, once you’re using the system correctly.

The Keep More Money Dashboard fills this gap.

So stop:

>> Flying by the seat of your pants each quarter 

>> Hoping you’re making the right adjustments

>> Discovering that your guesswork adjustments are too big and you can’t maintain them

>> Being paralyzed from changing your percentages because you’re afraid you’ll mess them up

Adjusting Profit First allocation percentages

is a natural part of using the Profit First system.

Different-sized businesses have different financial needs.

Let's Make This Easy.

We’ve used the Keep More Money Dashboard with hundreds of 1:1 clients over the years and

it’s always incredibly clear when a client uses theirs consistently.

They’re more confident in all their financial decisions and tend

to grow their business (and their profit!) more rapidly.

Have Questions?
  • How complicated is the dashboard to use?
    Our Keep More Money Dashboard is a Google spreadsheet that’s pre-populated with all the formulas you need. Simply watch the 20-minute tutorial video, plug your allocation percentages in, and you’re ready to go!
  • How long can I use my dashboard?
    With just one $149 payment, you can use your Keep More Money Dashboard for as long as you’d like! We’ve been using the dashboard with our 1:1 clients for years and it’s so fun to see the growth of their business through real data over time. At the end of the calendar year, we'll send you a link so you can get a fresh, new dashboard for the next year at a lower rate.
  • Why couldn’t I just figure out the new allocation percentages myself?
    You certainly can. But why go through the trouble of doing that math every time you think you might need to adjust your allocation percentages? The Keep More Money Dashboard will quickly tell you when it’s time…without the math and without the guesswork.
  • Am I really saving time? How long will it take me to set up my dashboard and use it regularly?
    The Keep More Money Dashboard is designed to simplify your Profit First system. It will take you less than 15 minutes to set up, after watching the tutorial video, and less than 10 minutes to record your allocations on allocation day.
  • How do I know if the Keep More Money Dashboard is for me?
    If you’re a service-based business owner who uses Profit First (or plan to start using Profit First), the Keep More Money Dashboard is for you!
  • Can I get my money back if I don’t love the dashboard?
    Because you’ll gain full access to the 20-minute training and the dashboard upon purchase, refunds are not available for this digital product.

The Keep More Money Dashboard isn’t “just” a spreadsheet.

Although yes, it IS a spreadsheet.

It’s a dynamic tool that you can use to jumpstart your profits

without doing all the math.

It’s THE tool you need to start the new year off right.

Grab your copy today, watch the short tutorial to set up your dashboard for success, and start using it now.

What kind of value would you put on peace of mind
and the ongoing financial fitness of your business?

It’s priceless.
Get your dashboard now.

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